Here We Are

Some of the things I did today:

– three loads of laundry

– lots of dishes

– cleaned the kitchen sink

– swapped out summer clothes for winter ones

– participated in an epic battle between Lego good guys and bad guys

– took the kids to our awesome kinesiologist “voo-doo” doctor

– made a Costco run

– doled out allergy medication, Prednisolone and inhaler puffs for my poor, Asthmatic

little boy who hung out with me all day


Things I did not do today:

– take a shower until 9:00 PM

– eat dinner til after that

– feed Kevin the fish til after that (sorry, Kev)

– go to the gym, though I was dressed for it’s possibility all day long

– get to see my husband who’s out of town

– edit my very rough-drafted post for this week

Thus, here we are.  Another week, another missed bit of profundity.  But here are my thoughts for this Monday, for whatever it’s worth (I’m sorry, readers, it’s all I’ve got):

I have always loved fall.  It’s my favorite season, with Spring a close second.  The relief from the heat, the leaves’ final burst of color before disappearing for the winter, the smell of outdoors, the return of boots to my wardrobe.  But since having my son I love it a little less.  My poor little guy welcomes fall in his spirit, but his body protests.  Every year.  And it makes me awfully sad.

“It’s so nice out, you should go outside and play.

Oh wait.  Unless you can’t breathe when you do that.  Then you shouldn’t.  In fact, you’d better stay inside and we should close the windows.”

Dang it, Asthma, I hate you in every way.

I’m just thankful for modern medicine, and homeopathic remedies, and a little boy who keeps on breathing, even in the fall.

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