Here’s the Deal

          Ok wonderful readers, here’s the deal: writing an essay every week is hard.  With three kids, one three-hour chunk of time a week to compose, and a love of hanging out with my family on these long summer days, a full-blown essay just ain’t that easy to come by.  These darn things take time to create – something I lack in this stage of life.  So I’ve decided to change things up a bit.  I will still post regularly on Mondays, but the form of the writing will be a grab bag – sometimes an essay, but sometimes a shorter, less-constructed piece.  Hopefully by now you’re interested enough to follow wherever my brain and my three hours take us.  It’s either that or I wake up in the wee hours to write, to which I sleepily respond “I don’t think so.”  I love you all for reading what I write and hope you keep it up!
          Happy summer, lovely readers!

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